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Bill Gates is a Moron

Seriously with this Convid-1984 thing going on I don’t understand why we’re letting this dumb-ass on tv to talk his nonsense, it’s like we’re living in an insane asylum.

Billy the Twit

Mister Gates, if you didn’t know yet, proposed to vaccinate and subsequently chip/tattoo every single one of our 7 BILLION people on earth. The fact that he think that’s even feasible is one thing, but that anybody actually takes the premise serious worries me more. How in god’s name would it ever be possible to vaccinate 7 BILLION people!? Billy always had a screw loose in my humble opinion, whether it was infecting Indians with polio, talking about releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes, reducing the world’s population by 15% through vaccines or killing granny to hire more teachers, this man is not right in the head. Personally I blame his father who, as the former head of Planned Parenthood, is effectively one of the greatest mass murderers in all of history. Who knows what Billy had to sit through at the family dinner table with that man at the head of it.


How Much?!

GatesAnyway, in case you don’t know, a billion is a thousand million, or a thousand times a thousand times a thousand. A 1 with 9 zeroes. So basically everyone you could possibly know in a lifetime, but a thousand times that and then a thousand times that. That’s how much one billion is, and we’re talking about at least seven of those! And he doesn’t just want to jab every individual in the world, he want to do it three times with a primer, main and booster vaccine. So three shots for every man, woman and child in the world, so that 3 times 7 billion vaccines or 21 billion vaccines… and that just the beginning since the corona virus is said to mutate rapidly, so people would have to get 3 shots a year every year for the rest of their lives! Let’s say one shot costs 20 dollars, that would amount to 420 billion dollars a year! Who’s gonna pay for that? Tell me, I want to know.


In Comes The Military

I’m pretty sure a considerable portion of the population doesn’t even want to be vaccinated and in some countries the freedom not to be forced such things is actually backed by governments. So you’d have to overthrow those governments or force them to change their laws and still a lot of people won’t go along with it, so you’ll have to establish a million man army to round all those people up and you’ll probably have to do that for many countries, so many million man armies worldwide. A secret police too, knocking on millions of doors all over the world.


Data Storage, It’s A Thing

Also, where and how will these supposed vaccines be produced? Do we have production facilities anywhere that can pump out billions of vaccines on a yearly bases? Of course we don’t, so they will have to be built. These factories would have to be numerous and enormous to cope with such a demand. And where is mister Gates getting 7 billion injectable nano tattoos from, are they gonna rain from the sky? Nope, they will also have to be produced by many massive factories. And it’s not just a tattoo, it’s a tattoo with information related to the so called ‘vaccine passport’ which will undoubtedly need to be stored in some database. This hypothetical database would store information on 7 billion people worldwide. Assuming each file takes up just one megabyte (but probably much more than that) you’re talking about 7 billion Megabytes amounting to about 7000 Terabytes or 7 Petabyte which pretty much requires a dedicated data center. This data center would have to be set up redundantly (double or triple), very secure and accessible worldwide. In short it’s gonna cost many millions and require an army of people to run it all. Every country in the world would have to be able to interface with that data, which would be quite a feet in itself since there are still quite a lot of countries with wonky infrastructure and even some without a functioning government. Many millions of people worldwide don’t even have access to clean drinking water, but somehow they’ll have access to some fancy vaccine? Bill Gates is out of his mind and people should stop taking this computer salesman so seriously.


Don’t Believe The Hype

Again, who’s going to pay for all this bullshit?! Every country in the world is already up to its eyeballs in debt to the central banks, so there is no money to pay that Bill, and especially not the many, many trillions this idiotic plan would cost us. I mean, I understand that Bill Gates likes money, I like money too, but his caretakers should’ve stopped him from talking this sort of nonsense. Look, I’m not saying it’s absolutely 100% impossible… If humanity united under this common goal, I guess it could theoretically be possible, but the fact is that humanity is not united on this topic, or any other topic for that matter. The sort of consensus, cashflow and infrastructure needed to get Bill’s ludicrous plan off the ground necessitates a dystopian new world order that’s just not possible, and if it was, most would probably prefer death over living under such a system.

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